Vaccine for life schemeHalf price first health check

Our golden hello to you is to offer a half priced first consultation with our vet.

Whether you have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a guinea-pig or a hamster you will receive your first consultation at half the usual fee. This offer applies whether you have one animal or ten, each will receive the half priced consultation when you bring them to see us for the first time.

Small print I hear you say?… The only full priced items will be any medication prescribed or given at the time of consultation. If your first consultation is for a vaccination this will be charged at our usual fee and your half priced consult will carry forwards to your next visit.

Vaccine for life for dogs and cats

Does what it says in the title really. For a one off fee your pet will be eligible to receive all their subsequent annual vaccinations AND health checks each year for as long as your pet is registered with the practice.

…and the small print – The scheme is only available to pets that are genuinely and solely under the care of Bridge Street Vets. There will be additional nominal fees for other procedures carried out at the time of vaccination such as anal gland expression or nail clipping.

In the best interest of your pet, should they be treated at another practice, other than a referral, the vaccine for life eligibility will end. Any unused funds will be refunded. The scheme is not transferable from one pet to another.

Kitten neutering from 4 months old

In line with the RSPCA’s current recommendations we offer kitten neutering from 4 months old to avoid any accidental pregnancies. We take additional time when suturing to use hidden suture techniques to avoid the necessity for uncomfortable Elizabethan collars or protection vests.

Bridge Street Vets, DriffieldDog and Bitch neutering from 4½ months old

Along current veterinary industry guidelines we recommend neutering of male dogs anytime from 4½ months of age. If you have a female we would again recommend spaying from 4½ to 6 months old or 2-4 months after a first season which will usually be between 6 and 12 months old. Our surgeons take additional time and use special suture materials to close the skin with hidden suture techniques in both males and females, so the wounds heal much more quickly and do not routinely require the use of Elizabethan collars or protection vests post operatively, this keeps the pets happy and avoids all those bruised legs and chipped paint!

10% discount on long term medications

Long-term medications for ageing animals can mount up over a period of time. (Examples of eligible medications are; heart medications, anti- arthritic treatments, skin treatments, hormone problems etc.)

In an effort to offset this, any long-term medications purchased from the practice on a regular basis will be eligible for 10% discount when paid for in full at the time of collection.

This offer cannot be used in addition to any other plan such as the over 65’s club. You will automatically receive the highest discount available at the time of payment.

Over 65’s Club

Who said it was no fun getting old? When you reach three score years and five you’re automatically eligible to join our over 65s club.

In order to join all you have to do is face up and admit to the fact you are over 65!

Once you’ve done this and registered your pets with our practice you will be eligible for 5% off all services and products purchased from the practice all day every day. The only small print is that the offer not available on other practice special offers such as vaccine for life joining fee and other promotional offers we may have from time to time, if the promotional offer is a better deal you’ll get that instead so win-win.

Phone now to register your pets and join the scheme when you bring them in, simple as that, no forms no hassle.

Free fun based puppy parties

All puppies vaccinated by our practice will receive a personal invitation to a series of puppy classes over two consecutive weeks, you may have seen some of the regular pictures on our Facebook page. The aim is for them to be educational, entertaining and fun. It also provides owners with the opportunity to discuss issues or compare notes with owners of puppies of the same age or with our Vet in an informal setting.