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  • Surgery
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Here at Bridge Street Vets we do all of our routine surgeries in our large, modern onsite theatre. We are able to offer a wide range of surgeries to include neutering, complex mass removals, dentals right through to the more advanced surgeries such as exploratory laparotomies.

Routine surgeries are performed by our vets Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm. An admission appointment is made with a nurse or vet on the day of surgery between 8.30am and 9am. This appointment is chance to discuss the planned surgery, ensure you understand your consent forms and for us to check that your pet is generally fit and healthy for their procedure. Please allow at least 15minutes for this appointment. We are happy for you to bring personal belongings with your pet, such as a favourite blanket or soft toy to be kept with them in their kennel.

All of our staff are very passionate about using the most up-to date anaesthetic protocols and training. This ensures that we are able to adapt and use the most suitable medication for your pet. All patients are closely monitored throughout their operation and during their recovery period. Close monitoring and care, helps to minimise anaesthetic risks and ensure your pets are well taken care of from the moment they are left with us, until you pick them up again (usually later the same day).

In most routine surgeries sutures are hidden within the skin allowing them to dissolve when the tissues have healed, this also minimises the risk of patients chewing out their sutures during the post operative phase and keeps your pets comfortable.


We are very lucky to have a separate spacious dog ward to include a walk-in kennel for giant breed patients! We have been a Cat Friendly Clinic since January 2021 and our cats are lucky enough to have their own private cattery, with kennels designed to promote feline wellbeing! We play our inpatients classical music and have relaxing diffusers plugged it to help ease their worries.

We have a large, grassed area outside, with an enclosed private exercise area that allows us to walk your dog’s whilst they’re with us for the day.

We also have a separate isolation unit to hospitalise any potentially infectious patients.

We can hospitalise patients during the week with appropriate nursing care. If your pet is with us throughout the day and is stable on intra-venous fluid therapy, then they can stay overnight. For any patients we feel need close monitoring throughout the night, they would be transferred to our out of hours provider for more specialised treatment and regular observations within their hospital.

Diagnostic Imaging and Tools

We have a separate radiography suite which means we can take great quality x-rays inhouse to be reviewed the same day. We are also excited to now have a specialised dental x-ray processor on site too! We look forward to offering dental x-rays from Spring 2023. These modern diagnostic tools enable us to see details of bone and soft tissues.

We also have an ultrasound machine which allows us to image soft tissues. When we scan patients with the ultrasound machine, we can see if there are changes to the size or shape of organs, whether there is fluid or gas build-up, whether there are tears in ligaments, or masses and help us reach a diagnosis of diseases.

We have inhouse blood testing facilities, which means, for lots of different cases we can get you results the very same day. We also regularly refer blood tests to our external laboratory for comprehensive and complex testing.

We have a modern blood pressure monitor, that is recommended by the International Society of Feline Medicine, so we can monitor your pets blood pressure with the best and least invasive equipment.


Some patients may require long term medication. We can re-prescribe medications provided we have performed a medication health check within 3-6 months (depending on the specific medication). This is needed to ensure that your pet is doing well on their medication and they are stable in their condition. There may be times whereby a patient needs dosage changes, alternative medications or they have developed other issues that need addressing.

To order your medications, we just need 48hours notice and you can telephone or email us your request for the vet to dispense for you. If you would prefer a written prescription, please discuss this with your vet and we can provide one for you with appropriate notice.


If your pet has an emergency during surgery hours, please telephone the practice immediately and we will do our utmost to attend to you at the earliest opportunity.

If your pet has an emergency when our practice is closed, ring our usual number and you will automatically be transferred to Vets Now Hull.

Vets Now is the pet equivalent of an accident and emergency service and the leading provider of pet emergency care in the UK! Their veterinary teams are specially trained in emergency and critical care and work only out of hours, through the night, at weekends and on bank holidays. That means they are ready and waiting to see you and your pet, whether it’s in the early hours of the morning or halfway through Sunday lunch. This level of staffing means your pet will get direct supervision throughout their stay from the dedicated night teams.

A video consultation is also an option, so if you’re unsure whether you need to travel to the emergency vets, or you just want some advice, a vet can see you from the comfort of your home for only £24. If this vet then thinks it’s necessary for your pet to receive treatment with them during our closing times, the price of the video consult will be refunded. Rest assured; we will be kept up to date with the treatment provided by our emergency out of hours provider, so you still have the continuity of care we pride ourselves on.

Your nearest Vets Now clinic is:

Vets Now Hull

Vets Now Hull, 1-2 Park St, Hull HU3 2JF

Phone: 01482908817

Dental care

Bad breath is not normal and can not only be due to tartar build up, but this can also cause damage to other organs too.

We as a practice encourage good dental hygiene, were intervention is needed we can induce anaesthesia and clean any tartar from teeth and remove teeth should root exposure be present.

With our feline patients it is a little harder to examine teeth at home however if your pet is dropping food from their mouth, their breath has a pungent odour or they are struggling to eat their food and look painful this is definitely the time for us to check their teeth!

Cat Friendly Clinic

We are excited to announce that as of June 2021, Bridge Street Vets have been accredited as a Silver ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic!

At our clinic, we aim to make your cat’s visit as stress-free as possible and create an experience for them that feels calm and safe.

We have a separate waiting area for cats, with a raised area for their basket.  Not being placed on the floor helps them feel less anxious. We also have diffusers releasing feline friendly essential oils in our ‘cat corner’ to help settle them, especially after a potentially stressful journey here.

Our consultations times are a minimum of 15 minutes, allowing time for gentle handling with a thorough examination.

We have a separate cat ward, well distanced from our dog kennels, where cats are unable to see each which helps them feel less threatened. Cats in our care have special hides in their kennel so they have the option to perch and hide!

All our vets and nurses are well educated in the safe handling of cats and we actively seek to decrease their stress and promote cat welfare.

Puppy Parties

At Bridge Street we think socialisation is really important for puppies development and that's why we want to be part of that journey! We also know from experience, how positive encounters at the vets can help your dog love coming to see us when they're grown up. 

We run regular Puppy Parties where puppies can have positive socialisation experiences and owners can get lots of tips and information from our experienced team.