Katie Clarke

Veterinary Surgeon

Katie Clarke - Veterinary Surgeon
Katie Clarke BVetMed MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Kate graduated from the Royal Veterinary College London in 2016 and joined our team in May 2023. Kate is local, having grown up in Scarborough and has gained several years of experience in busy small animal practices across North and East Yorkshire. Her most recent job prior to here was working for our out of hours provider Vets Now, Hull. She thoroughly enjoyed her time there, developing her emergency and critical care (ECC) skills but wanted to come back to day work for a regular sleep pattern!

Kate's interests are ECC, soft tissue surgery and medicine. Kate also has a keen interest in rabbit preventative health care, welfare and medicine. Kate's interest in rabbits stems from having her own 3 rescue bunnies which live in an impressive purpose built enclosure.

Kate loves to keep active, whether walking accompanied by spaniel Sam or having a go at any outdoor sport. She is also an avid horse rider.